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Pioneers of the small wind turbine

07. December 2016

Another company on the GreenTEC campus in Enge-Sande writes history: The company EasyWind celebrates its 10th anniversary and has now sold 150 small wind turbines in Germany and another 80 in Denmark. Two plants each with 6kW were recently delivered to Iran. "Exactly ten years ago, on November 22, 2006, EasyWind installed the first facility in Risum-Lindholm", explains Nina Jensen, who has now been working for the company for six years. "In Risum-Lindholm, Britt and Erk Rittmers were at that time a pioneer of small wind power plants. Meanwhile, they are happy about 12,000 to 14,000 kWh of annual electricity production", says Nina Jensen. There was only one failure in the 10 years - after a lightning strike, she added with a smile. The managing directors of the company are Hans-Günter Feddersen (commercial) and Marten Jensen.

The small wind turbine manufacturer from North Friesland is currently trying to open up new markets. Exports to other European countries are being stepped up. The opening up of the Iranian market is on a good path. "Unlike in Central Europe, we will produce electricity in Iran, where there is often no electricity infrastructure," explains Hans-Günter Feddersen. "The systems now delivered are being built for test purposes to investigate how our machines are able to cope with environmental and weather influences." In the medium term, the plan is to sell our know-how to Iran and let the plants be licensed there, said Feddersen, who now employs 12 people.

Much of the workforce is employed in production. "The technical advancement of the plant is the main focus of our company. We are able to achieve the reliability of our machines by constantly optimizing the technology", emphasizes Gunnar Kaletzke. The EasyWind system is mounted as a clamped version on solid foundation or on a monotower. The market introduction of the low-wind rotor blades proved to be particularly successful. These can increase the yield of the plant up to 40%. The rotor blades have been developed primarily to ensure the economical operation of the small wind turbine even in windbreak areas. In principle, however, the EasyWind systems can be used at almost all locations. Lastly, a new brake was introduced to ensure even greater safety during storms and to save additional maintenance costs.

The product range is expanded for every need. Two small wind turbines with 1.5 kW and 3 kW each are currently being tested on the site so that the demand for wind turbines "for the garden" will soon be satisfied. Also the sale of a 25 kW plant is already planned, so that then the suitable small wind turbine can be offered for every prospective buyer. All systems may be inspected at any time on the company-owned test field in Enge-Sande. A partner company, headed by Rolf Meier, is affiliated here. All the GRP parts of the small wind turbine are produced here. "This small but fine company would also produce GRP parts externally. Interested parties are welcome to contact us," said Nina Jensen of EasyWind.

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