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Here you can download our most recent materials about the EasyWind small wind turbines:

EasyWind small wind turbine brochure
Produce your own electricity around the clock all year round: with the first small wind turbine certified in Germany.

Flyer EasyWind small wind turbine
The EasyWind 6 is a small wind turbine that primarily ensures the self-sufficiency of homes and businesses, but can also feed into the public grid.

Certificate EC 61400-2
This statement attests compliance with requirements for small wind turbines concerning design and manufacture.

VDE-AR-4105-2018:11 - Prototype confirmation for control AC-2

VDE-AR-4105-2018:11 - Attachment E2

VDE-AR-4105-2018:11 - Certificate of the network and system protection used

The metering concepts shown are formulated as recommendations by the Association of the Energy Industry. Implementation must be coordinated with the responsible network operator.

Measurement concept B4 Double self-supply (also called cascade)
Measurement for wind and photovoltaic hybrid

Measurement concept C3 heat pumps self-supply according to Paragraph 14 EnWG
Measurement with supply of a disconnectable consumer device (heat pump/wallbox)

Measurement concept D3 Self-supply community
Measurement in the supply of tenants

Storage measurement concept
As long as the EEG fee exists and two types of energy go into a storage facility, the withdrawn electricity must be reported to the grid operator in full as "gray electricity" with the EEG fee.

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