About EasyWind

The first IEC 61400-2 certified small wind turbine in Germany.

EasyWind’s Product Portfolio

Small wind turbines as an opportunity for private power generation are often absent from public discussions about energy transformation. Many private households, however, aim for a self-sufficient energy supply through renewable energy.

We are a small business based in North Frisian Enge-Sande. Our company is located on the GreenTec Campus, a cluster area for companies within the renewable energies sector. Here, we also have our own testing area where we constantly work on both diversifying and improving our products. This has resulted in the addition of longer rotor blades for areas with weak wind and a non-wired tower, a so-called Monotower, to our product portfolio.

The small wind turbine, today known as the EasyWind 6 AC, was developed as early as 1984 and sold under the name “Inventus”. Later, the Conenergy group took over the sales of the turbine. Conenergy, however, faced financial difficulties and as a result decided to focus on photo voltaic as their core area of business at that period of time. Consequently, today’s CEO Marten Jensen took over the small wind energy division in 2008 and renamed the company after the turbine: Easywind. Shortly afterwards, the company relocated from North Rhein-Westphalia up to the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein. Since then, approximately 300 small wind turbines have been installed mainly in Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark. Improving the products further and introducing new product variations is part of the constant development for EasyWind.


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