EasyWind Composite

30 years of experience with fibrous composite material and customer-specific polyester mouldings.

Composite - Models, moulds and prototypes

We are a company with a long craft tradition and have processed fibrous composite material for more than 30 years. In our production, many customer specific polyester mouldings have been produced. Our philosophy is: Nothing is impossible.

To go into serial production with moulded parts, first a model and then a production mould must be produced. These models are either produced by us manually or through machines. These production moulds are then pressed from the existing models. For mould material, specific Bauharz is used. In some cases, the moulds need to be split into several parts.

To protect surfaces from moisture, to change the appearance or to support parts structurally, there is a variety of different coatings. We pay special attention to shrink characteristics, thermal stability and chemical resistance. We mainly work with hand lamination processes and vacuum processes and produce for example:

  • Rotor blades and cases for wind turbines
  • Body parts for cars and trucks
  • Tanks for fire-fighting vehicles
  • Coatings for loading areas
  • Water slides
  • Advertising bottles
  • Sanitary ware

The selection of the polyester components will be done in cooperation with the client depending on the requirements. Our materials are mainly GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) and CRP (carbon reinforced plastic).

Reparations and maintenance

GRP-parts exist for various applications. Damaged or defective parts are often repairable. We can carry out these reparations - sometimes on-site.