Certified technology for more than 30 years

EasyWind is located on the GreenTec Campus, a cluster area for companies within the renewable energies sector. Here, we also have our own testing area where we constantly work on both diversifying and improving our products.

About EasyWind

Maximum yield, minimal effort

The EasyWind 6 is the first small wind turbine certified according to IEC 61400-2 in Germany and was developed especially for extreme climate conditions. The EasyWind has proven its reliability for more than 20 years.

Our small wind turbines

Models, moulds and prototypes

We are a company with a long craft tradition and have processed fibrous composite material for more than 30 years. In our production, many customer specific polyester mouldings have been produced. Our philosophy is: Nothing is impossible.

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Certified small wind turbines

With our technology, we provide small wind turbines that can be used extremely efficiently and reliably as energy generators for self-supply. Our EasyWind 6 is a robust small wind turbine which does not need to be switched off during storms due to its passive pitch-control and, thereby, generates constant energy supply.

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EasyWind Media

EasyWind aerial view

Aerial shots of our EasyWind installation on the GreenTec Campus

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Mounting of a small wind turbine

Entire installation of an EasyWind 6 AC

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Advantages of the steel root

From dead-end tower to monotower

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Current reference objects

The EasyWind has been on the market since 1989 and has been installed in more than 300 locations all over the world. The EasyWind was the first certified wind turbine in Germany and is certified for all wind classes. Get an overview of where the reference objects are located and run.

EasyWind News

12. March 2021

Exhibitions / Covid-19 Pandemic

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29. August 2018

Norla 2018

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09. March 2018

BBZ Osterrönfeld puts EasyWind 6 (Monotower) into operation

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